Vintage Markets Booming in U.S., Chicago No Exception

Vintage Markets Booming in U.S., Chicago No Exception

CHICAGO (September 3, 2012)–Flea markets in the U.S. may be in their heyday. According to a new report, business is booming in the U.S. and locals say Chicago is no exception.

According to the 2012 “State of the Flea Market Industry” research conducted by Sumner Communications conducted in July, 2012, the majority of flea market managers report strong traffic at their markets.

“We definitely see this phenomena at the Vintage Garage and elsewhere in Chicago, says Melissa Sands whose company Vintage Promotions, LLC produces and promotes a vintage market in Uptown. “The number and quality of markets here continues to expand as new audiences discover vintage.”

According to the survey, many flea markets in the U.S. sell newly manufactured consumer goods, including some high-end merchandise. Sands however thought the greatest growth prospects were in the arena of vintage.

“”Vintage is green, sustainable and local,” Sands says. “These are attractive qualities the new audiences are looking for.”

The survey found nearly 49 percent of market managers say shopper traffic at their markets has increased compared to one year ago and another 44 percent say it’s about the same. The survey also revealed that 55 percent of market managers also operate booths, which they say gives them a hands on understanding of their markets from a vending perspective.

“Most promoters were dealers at one point in their career,” Sands adds. “It’s really hard to be an effective promoter without understanding life as a dealer.”