Vintage Buyers Seek Out Local and Green, Survey Finds

Vintage Buyers Seek Out Local and Green, Survey Finds

CHICAGO (August 20, 2013)–A survey asking first-time visitors to Vintage Garage Chicago about their buying habits, preferences and experience finds that more care about whether objects are actually old, and dislike misuse of the word “vintage” to sell new objects. They also place a high value on shopping locally, supporting local businesses and in making green buys.

Vintage Garage Chicago is an flea market held monthly in a parking garage in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.

With more than 150 respondents weighing in, 53 percent say they prefer items that are really old, with 47 percent indicating things that are “vintage-style” are also desirable. More than three quarters (77 percent) say it bothers them when retail stores use the word “vintage” to describe things that are not old while 11 percent said the word just describes how something looks.

Overwhelming numbers say that shopping locally and benefitting the local economy is important (95 percent) while 77 percent say being green in terms of shopping habits is important.

The survey also looked into how dedicated customers were to making vintage purchases. More than half (64 percent) say some of what they buy is vintage, while 23 percent say most of what they buy is vintage. More than half, 55 percent, collect things, while the rest buy only things they can use or wear. The reasons customers buy vintage vary, with 21 percent saying old things are made better, 17 percent because its good for the environment, 34 percent because they like it and 22 percent simply enjoying the atmosphere of vintage markets.

Also asked were questions about media, including use of vinyl records and turntables. Sixty five percent listen to music on old devices like radios and record players and fifty three percent say music on vinyl records sounds better. Nearly eighty percent listen to both new and old music and 77 percent use a streaming music service.

Thirty one percent of respondents were aged 21-30, 32 percent aged 31-40, and 20 percent 41-50. Fifty five percent rent their homes and the majority either walk or drove to the event.

About Vintage Promotions, LLC
Vintage Promotions, LLC is operated by Melissa Sands and Eric Miller. Melissa has decades of experience as a dealer in vintage merchandise and is an expert in vintage clothing and jewelry. Based in Dallas, Eric is engaged with the antiques and art world, has experience in formal antiques shows and is a well-known proponent of sustainable living. Vintage Promotions operates Vintage Garage Chicago, the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, North Shore Flea and Texas Art Collector Show and Sale of Early Texas Art.