Magic Lantern Slides

Magic Lantern Slides
Magic Lantern Slides

7 May, 2015

I was able to scan two of my glass magic lantern slides today. One magic lantern slide depicts Market Street in San Francisco, and the other Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. These are both cities I have lived in, and the reason I purchased these particular images.

In the San Francisco image, I believe that is Powell Street on the right. You can see the cable cars once went onto Market Street. One of the towers on the left now has an art deco look. The other is intact. There’s a building in downtown Pittsburgh designed to look like the ones in San Francisco.

While these magic lantern slides are from around the turn of the 20th Century, the technology dates to the 1600s. The magic lantern is a direct ancestor to the motion picture projector. These slides were largely created for educational purchases.

These slides are still readily available, and affordable, today.

Market Street San Francisco Magic Lantern Slide


The Point in Pittsburgh from Mount Washington Magic Lantern Slide