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The disciplines blur when you get to owned media… Marketing and public relations are definitely different, but the distinction is blurring in the current environment-especially when you discuss blogs and other owned media. The easiest way to differentiate marketing from public relations is by asking whether or not it was paidRead More

Each year following Texas Art Expo, we present work by local artists in the galleries. The first year we branded this “after the show” show as Texas Art Now. Now during the course of working on Art After X, we come across the opportunity to interview an artist who doesn’tRead More

While there is occasionally a lone creative genius who comes along (some of our artists perhaps?), most of us can benefit now and then from the opinions and ideas of others. More often than not, things get better when we seek consensus. Such is the case with the Art AfterRead More

Dallas Flood at the Trinity River

It seems clear to me that the Trinity River Basin isn’t a good place for a highway or a park. It’s just that, a flood plain. The Dallas flood of 2015 also may be the most photographed event in Dallas history!

Someone complimented me on my logo yesterday, adding that it could be even better if part of it was softer. I played around with changing the black to gray, but that didn’t seem to work (the black is dark gray). So I lightened the red a little bit. Your inputRead More

I wanted to learn how to make swinging text, but too much of it wouldn’t work with this quote, so only the first word is swinging. I may add the rest of the quote by architect Daniel Burnham later.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to interview artist Gail Norfleet. It’s great when you have the chance to learn the thoughts an intention that goes into a work. You often come away seeing it in a new light. Here I am doing a hand-held interview with Norfleet about theRead More

Magic Lantern Slides

I was able to scan two of my glass magic lantern slides today. One magic lantern slide depicts Market Street in San Francisco, and the other Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. These are both cities I have lived in, and the reason I purchased these particular images. In the San Francisco image,Read More

Sometimes animation is finding a need for a tool, but I think in many such cases a restrained animation may add interest and activity, without looking forced. In most cases a little bit really does go a long way. This animation may undergo further changes as well. Art After XRead More

I changed out the video and animation portfolio a little. This is something that is frequently updated. Here is the latest version.