Branded.Me for the Antiques Industry

Branded.Me for the Antiques Industry

13 February, 2015

Do you have a web page for yourself? Personal branding is important, and if you are on social media you are creating a personal brand whether you know it or not. is perhaps the most important site for establishing a personal brand. That’s where you can search for jobs and employers can find your resume.

If you’re not looking for employment do you still have to think about your personal brand? If you are in business, the answer is probably yes. This is how customers can find you, and get their first impression of who you are and what you are about.

This can of course be incorporated into your business web site, but many people have their own web sites. Think of it as an informational selfie. If you’re lucky enough to own your domain name (, even better, but if not try for

A new service with a free version and a paid versions allows you to create a personal web site culling from the information you provided on Linkedin. It requires an upgrade to have your domain name land at, but you can also forward it through your server’s control panel (not quite as good).

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