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Some Photos from the Attempted Removal of Robert E Lee Statue in Dallas

This morning when I went out for a walk I noticed a few news trucks at the Robert E Lee monument along Turtle Creek in Dallas. I asked one of the television people if the monument would be removed today. He said no, but the city council would vote onRead More

The brave new world of Internet communications and e-commerce is entering its 20s. Many industries have been shaken up in the last two decades; some are a lot different today, and others not so much. I worked for an association of insurance agents and brokers in San Francisco at aRead More

How did you become involved in this business? I’ve been around antiques for a long time, mostly the old fashioned kind. There’s something about the smell in an old room that’s been closed up for a while that makes me feel good. A few years back I became involved inRead More

Dallas and New York

As you may know, I have been working on a book about the art scene in Dallas from the 60s-80s- with video component (which could morph into a documentary). Here’s a ten minute sample. I hope you enjoy! Comments and feedback are always appreciated. More clips are available at http://www.artafterx.com

Art After X Interview with Roberto Munguia

This Saturday we met Roberto Munguia at Conduit Gallery for an interview with Art After X. It has been a while since I did an in-person interview and despite plenty of coffee, honestly I felt a little rusty. It turned out to be a great conversation, however. I look forwardRead More

David McManaway Video

I recently finished editing this short on artist David McManaway, who to many of the artists we interviewed, remains a towering figure in the art community. Some fear his art is not well known today, however and his art will not be long remembered. Watch the Video http://www.artafterx.com/david-mcmanaway/

Sometimes a security feature can be the cause of headaches on WordPress. The SweetCaptcha WordPress plugin turned out to be the culprit on several sites that were producing pop-up ads selling products or warning of malware infestation on SustainableCityNews.com, CalendarofAntiques.com and ArtistBios.com. Rick Risemberg, my co-editor on Sustainable City NewsRead More

Inevitably hard drives will fail. Files become corrupt. I was looking for a way to make sure the footage taken with our Art After X project is preserved. Tape and salt mines weren’t a viable option, so I was excited to discover Vimeo on Demand. For about $200 a yearRead More

Public Relations and Publicity are not the same thing.  This one can be really confusing. We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” If you work in public relations, you know there is definitely such thing as bad publicity. Public relations professionals, whether they work for anRead More